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Fat burners with ephedra. Complete Green Stinger review

I’m here to cut through the noise and get you to the bottom line on Green Stinger fat burners with ephedra. We've heard lots of talk of these weight-loss pills, so we did one of our in-depth reviews, analyzing the negative effects, ingredients, scientific studies and complete customer support. Additionally, we sorted through hundreds of opinions and user reviews from around the internet. At this point, we compacted and summarized to provide you with the information you will need.

What are Green Stinger fat burners with ephedra?

Primarily, Green Stinger is a weight-loss pill that's accessible with no prescription. It sells for $79.99 for 120 caplets. These fat burners with ephedra are touted as an extreme fat burner for women and men. Besides ephedra, it contains Citrus aurantium, acacia rigidula, phenylethylamine HCL, theobroma cocoa, green tea, yohimbine HCL, alpha-yohimbine, 11-hydroxy yohimbine, naringin, pure white willow bark, evodiamine, kola nut, guarana and yerba mate. You’ll take two capsules, 2-3 times daily.

Green Stinger is created by Schwartz Labs, which has been operating since 1993. There are a lot of user reviews posted on-line, and several sites sell Green Stinger caplets but read on.

Green Stinger Ingredients. Do They Cause Side Effects?

The very first concern associated with Green Stinger unwanted effects. This supplement includes ephedra, said our Research Editor. It can lead to serious adverse side effects like heart palpitations, chest pain, stress and high blood pressure.

One customer complained, “Green Stinger fat burner with ephedra made my heart pound, and I got real jittery.”

Another one said, "Had some energy afterward BOOM... crashed terribly."

On the flip side, some dieters didn't believe the ingredients were a problem. Give you lots energy to get you through your workout. No shakes, no crash and most significant decreases my desire, remarked a customer.

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Green Stinger Customer Complaints. A Concern?

We found several deterring Green Stinger reviews. Another customer said, Horrible! I was searching for energy; nothing occurred! Wasted $50!!

"We found that some customers shared their positive experiences. “I am going to be purchasing it again. It gave me wonderful energy. Simply don't take on an empty belly," said one user.

"I can't express my gratitude enough for this particular merchandise. I've lost weight and kept it away for a couple of years and counting", said another.

Our research reveals a link between deterring reviews and small long term success. It's concerning if Green Stinger results in customer complaints.

The Science Support?

While the official site does elaborate on the formula used in Green Stinger caplets, there isn't any clinical research presented on the website to back this diet pill. At our site, it’s imperative to see documented scientific studies that support the weight-loss product and the ingredients it contains. Sadly there isn't any clinical evidence that Green Stinger functions better than other legal stimulants.

The Bottom Line. Does Green Stinger Work?

So, we've gotten to the base of this one, prepared? Green Stinger fat burner pills with ephedra surely have several stimulants to elevate energy levels. Nevertheless, we've got serious reservations about this nutritional supplement for the reason that it contains dangerous ingredients. Apart from ephedra, this merchandise also features synephrine and other stimulants which may bring about serious side effects. Additionally, it's impossible to get a refund for Green Stinger pills if you don't depart the bottle sealed.

For dieters who want to lose excess fat and slim down fast, we recommend you attempt a weight-loss supplement that doesn't include any dangerous ingredients, is affordable and is backed by actual clinical research.

One of the top products we've found this year is one called Leptigen. This nutritional supplement gives a proprietary mixture of four ingredients, which are demonstrated in published scientific studies to help increase fat loss and kickstart metabolism. Also, we can't locate any criticisms of dangerous side effects and dieter comments posted online shows folks are finding strong results.